Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mike Twitty and the new Pinellas County Property Appraiser

Mike Twitty the 2017-18 new Pinellas Property Appraiser

This has always been a great tool for me as a Realtor.
I can proudly recommend clients call or just go to this website
it is a wealth of local information.
If you are moving from a homesteaded home to another homestead condo or Visa Versa?
This is site New Pinellas County Tax Estimator  is perfect for you.
Click for New Pinellas County Tax Estimator 
It will direct you to accept their terms, each time.

Link to Pinellas County NEW Property appraiser Site

What is the Difference between HO 6 and HO 3 insurance

Homeowners policy unit owners form 6 (HO 6)
Part of the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), homeowners forms portfolio, the HO 6 form covers the real property interest and the personal property of insureds who own a unit in a condominium or share an ownership interest in a cooperative building.  It also provides personal liability coverage and medical payments coverage. 
This form is similar to the HO 3 in many ways but provides less real propertycoverage since it is designed to coordinate coverage with a master policy covering the structure and common areas that the condominium or cooperative association purchases.
Google for more: Links for IRMI Online Subscribers Only: PRMI 12.F

Economic Out look for 2018: Erosion of Housing affordability Video

2018 Prediction: Erosion of Housing Affordability
Describes my experience in the last 6 months

Interest Rates forecast it will rise as much as a percent.
Home price rising 6% but lower price rising is 15% up,
This is a killer for those Millennials looking to buy their first home.

The last few years in South Pinellas County behind the Beaches and Downtown St Petersburg have been a great time to buy low CASH in UP and COMING areas and make a killing.
Retirees, single ladies, Millennial's are looking to buy, they also want to buy "updated".

Cash investors have been naturally taking advantage of these up and coming areas and renourishing
communities by buying low, rehabbing then flipping homes that should not normally appraise but with enough cash down to make it not matter. Lack of inventory and Demand rule right?

I have seen this in the summer and fall normally off season and a good time for any buyers, especially young people looking to get their foot into the American Dream. The affordable reasonably updated, small home, housing market in Pinellas Florida is booming, causing multiple offers to come in on the best home in the worst, but ok neighborhoods.

This demand pushes the once affordable home locations to shrink and so do the opportunities for first home buyers with their hope of 3% down FHA loans finding themselves just
out of a the market.

Listen to Core Logic Dec 2017, eloquently sum up this trend Erosion of Housing affordability 

Diana Sames
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Monday, September 4, 2017

Pasadena on the Gulf a great neighborhood and good grade-A schools Newer Family Home For Sale with 4 bed 3 bath 2 car Garage

Pasadena on the Gulf a good neighborhood in 33707 with good grade-A schools 

Newer Family Home for Sale with 4 plus Bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car Garage 3200 Air Conditioned sq ft

                                                 See the Property Website

See why the current family has loved living here.

33707 Pasadena on the Gulf: a good Neighborhood

"We couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood! The neighbors adore watching our kids help in the yard, decorate for holiday seasons and care enough to watch over the house while we are on vacation. One neighbor in particular pet sits for us and comes over for dinner on the holidays. I think you will find living in this area is friendly and peaceful."

Pasadena on the Gulf: Grade-A Schools

"What prompted our initial move to this area was the local school. Through the district application program through Pinellas County schools choice program, you are afforded the luxury of a private school education at a public school price. Several schools are notable and we have attended;
1.    Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School- Great Schools rating 9/10. Pinellas County grade-A
2.    Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School- Great Schools rating 9/10. Pinellas County grade- A
3.    St. Petersburg Collegiate High School- Great Schools rating 10/10. Pinellas County grade-A

Zillow and Trulia Pasadena of the Gulf Neighborhood Schools only show the zoned public schools, not the greater schools that are openly available through the Pinellas County District Application- choice program. These schools are top notch! "

For the full website go to

                                                 Back lane access
                                                        Plenty of room for a pool
                                                         Plenty of room for a pool
                                           33707 is behind St Pete Beach and Treasure Island

                                                    No Flood insurance required
                                                                 Great Schools

Looking toward St Pete Beach and the Gulf of Mexico

Buy this large spacious high and dry home behind the best beaches in 33707 myhighanddryhome 
NOT in a FEMA Flood Zone so No Flood Insurance Required, today.

Please Call Diana Sames
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

St Pete Beach which Hotels recently Sold ?

  St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sales 

St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sale. 


                                               The Sirata Beach Resort 

                                                         January 27th, 2017 Recorded 
                                                                 SOLD at $1,08,190,000

 I am so excited for St Pete Beach these along with these 2 sales helping to increase our Tax base. city Along with March 2017 first approved hotel development since the boom flurry of developments,  the City of St Pete Beach adopted a Master Plan that despite its well thought out plan various citizens and their attorneys thwarted progress and its development was Stalled. Now as Florida grows we can grow and carry these Sales and Recent expansion approval will and has already brought confidence to our beautiful Island City of St Pete Beach. Not just a Vacation Destination but a also a Residential community.

 St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sale 


                                               THE DON CESAR BEACH RESORT

                                               Loews Recently SOLD the Don Cesar 
                                             Recorded February 2017 for $151,830,600
                                                          in "Superior Condition"
Good things are happening on St Pete Beach today 
The Beautiful Historic Don Cesar Beach Hotel was built in 1920,

 It has been for me the heart of St Pete Beach since moving here in 1997. 

           My attempt to paint a memorable moment at DonCesar Beach Hotel. This evening I was walking down to the water on the beach, the sky was a grey and I thought there was too many grey flat clouds on the horizon and that it most certainly would not be much of a sun set, then I turned around and the contrast nearly made me trip backwards!  There was a man siting by the water on his beach chair hoping for the sun to come out through the grey water and sky over the Gulf, well, he saw my shock as I looked around and jumped up off his chair too as the voluminous clouds poured upward into the sky with tremendous shocking colors light up the sky to the East all around the Pink Beach Hotel . 
My First Samsung Phone took this Picture long before Apple phone and i- tunes.
Now we all have cameras every angle is magnificent. 
 Diana Sames




Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tampa Bay Luxury Home Market June 2017 is it UP or Down

     Tampa Bay Luxury Residential Home Market, 

Is it UP or is it Down? 

Let's look at a few Locations.

                        Firstly, let's look at Tampa Bay Business Journal Article linked below. 

                      Read this article Tampa Luxury Home Market June 2017 Up or Down

                                                      ST PETE BEACH FLORIDA

1403 Pass-A-Grille Way Recently Sold at $2,537,500
This stunning restoration of its 1925 original Mediterranean Architecture.
 Listed 6 months earlier $1,600,000 higher, as at that time it marketed as 1 Pass-A-Grille Compound so to speak but with 2 homes. The Sellers were happy to separate and return it back into 2 homes, keep their original cottage for occasional visits. Hence the $1,600,000 price reduction is put into perspective.  It is hard to leave this unique historical St Pete Beach Island location.

2707 Pass-A-Grille Way was listed at $5,595,000 SOLD for $5,395,000. Built in 1952 and was the former estate of Anheuser-Bush on over half an acre or a full block on the water in Pass-A-Grille with 9 bedroom and 9 bathrooms over 6000 sq ft. It was ON and OFF the market for 5 or 6 years, over 2000 days. However this time, the Market was READY for it, despite St Pete Beach' 2 long years road reconstruction that left the Estate at its worst, dusty, curbless and with yes, literally "no curb" appeal. Yes,  the timing was right as it recently JUNE 2017 the Estate Sold.


Pasa Tiempo St Pete Beach Waterfront home for sale and Hotel SOLD June 2017

Pasa Tiempo Guest House Hotel on Wide Open Water 

   Click for details St Pete Beach Waterfront Recently Sold 

             Pasa Tiempo located at 7151 -7131 Bay St St Pete Beach Florida 33706.

           REMAX Preferred Sold Hotel + Home June 2017  $2,700,000


                 Originally a part of Pasa Tiempo Hotel it was offered separately as

            Single Family, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Full Baths, 2325 Sq.Ft., .24 Acres, Built in 1951  

                                       7131 Bay St St Pete Beach Florida 33706

The home sold first, separately, in June 2017 for $900,000 Just around 1 year after REMAX Preferred presented it to the St Pete Beach Market this is when this video preview below was taken.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Need to Buy One House to Buy Another? A bridge loan could help?

                                NEED TO BUY ONE HOUSE TO BUY ANOTHER?

                                                    A Bridge loan could help.

If it is a Sellers Market in the community you want to buy in then this article in the Tampa Bay Times  may be of interest to you Check it out click here

As a Realtor, a Real Estate agent who is affiliated with a professional organization and it's Code of Ethics, I am starting to see and experience this trend where sellers will not touch an offer that is contingent on the sale of a home no matter how "good" it looks that means even if you have an offer in place. Sellers prefer you wait until all contingencies on the buyer's property are met.  

50% of sales in Pinellas County are Cash deals.

I hope this article helps prompt you to talk to a lender while Interest Rates on Home loans are still the lowest they have been in recorded history of borrowing money for a home.

Contact me if you need a referral as I have some Excellent recommendations.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sellers Market in 33711 and 33712

Here is experts from the Article in the Tampa Bay Times June 3rd
 33711 and 33712 are  HOT MARKETs In St Petersburg Florida 
3/2 Garden Villa for under 150k in a Gated community near everything!
Gated, Secured, Pet-Friendly, People friendly with lovely grounds and amenities.
MORE on the News Article Below.

"Arguably, no part of the bay area has drawn more real estate attention in the past few years than St. Petersburg with its suddenly exciting downtown. That helped two ZIPs south of Central Avenue — 33711 and 33712 — record among the highest rates of price growth in Tampa Bay.
Covering Lakewood Estates and Pinellas Point, 33712 "was historically lower value but that's where people are shopping now because the rest of the ZIPS have increased in value so much," says agent Peter Chicouris. In the first three months of this year, the median sale price of a house in 33712 shot up 79 percent, to $172,000
As for 33711, which includes the waterfront community of Maximo Moorings and part of Gulfport, "there's that proximity to the interstate and the beaches and they have renovated a lot of those strip shopping centers," Chicouris says. "It makes it more desirable to live in those areas."
During the first quarter, the median sale price in 33711 soared 94 percent to $147,500.
Like all of the agents interviewed for this story, Chicouris sees no sign that Tampa Bay's real estate market is slowing down. Demand continues to outpace the supply of available homes. Newcomers continue to pour into the area, while many current residents are looking to upgrade, downsize, change scenery or move somewhere more convenient for what they want or need.
"It's definitely a seller's market," Chicouris says. "There's just not that many homes to ...o
              Check out Gated, Secured, Pet-friendly, Lovely www. ARBOR GROVE,info is in 33712

Here is a Video Drive around Pinellas Point one of St Petersburg's Largest 
Largest Neighborhood Homeowners Associations Pinellas Point is in 33712 and 33711

"South Tampa is indeed expensive: Two of the five ZIPS with the highest median sale price in the first quarter were in Tampa south of Kennedy Boulevard. Rounding out the top five were the Tierra Verde, Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach.  Tampa Bay Times.

St PETE Beach one of the hottest selling neighborhoods in Tampa Bay Area

        Do you live in one of the hottest selling neighborhoods in Tampa Bay area

According to this article, today in the Tampa Bay Times I do, check it out to see if you do to
St Pete Beach Just got some good Press today in the Tampa Bay Times see the Article below.
Here are 3 luxury St Pete Beach Waterfront homes for sale on  St. Pete Beach's Boca Ciega Isle Dr,  St Pete Beach FL 33706


A Natural Island over a small Florida Bridge where the Manatees often are seen resting.
             Check out the Good Press June 3, 2017, Tampa Bay Times Article Today 

                             990 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706

                                                         990 Boca Ciega Isle Virtual Tour

                           1326 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706


                                                     1326 Boca Ciega Isle Virtual Tour

                                   510 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706

Friday, April 21, 2017

Belle Vista Community Pass-A-Grlle Road reconstruction meeting April 2017

Belle Vista Community meeting April 15th  our first meeting this Season.
Alan, our mayor introduced Wayne Saunders as locals are all anxious to know how things were going with the road work in our historical Pass-A-Grille road re-construction project.

                           Wayne Saunders - City Manager   and  Alan Johnson  Mayor   

We all gather in this lovely BELLE VISTA Park  covered pavilion 
Bringing a plate to share and enjoy the end of the day discussions with our 
Ward Friszolowski Vice Mayor, District 3  And Volunteers

Wayne Saunders - City Manager  is in the Shadows here and in the first pictures
They answered our questions and I went away excited and proud to be a part of our St Pete Beach City.  
My biggest takeaway was that the project was only running 2% above budget ( BIG BUDGET!!!)  Also that the 2 recent also how 2 recent HOTEL sales will bring lots of $ to our Tax Base but will give other developers confidence. The Sugar Sands Project particularly was negotiated as a win-win for the city sewers and infrastructures as well as the developers.

Trade Winds Purchase of Coral Reef is a win win for St Pete Beach Sugar Sands Resort approved March 2017

The TradeWinds Beach Resort Purchase of Coral Reef is a win win for St Pete Beach Sugar Sands Resort approved March 2017
Sugar-Sands-Resort-St-Pete-Beach Approved

.March 21st St Pete Beach City Agenda: DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT – An Agreement between the City of St. Pete Beach, Florida, authorized by Sections 163.3220-163.3243, Florida Statutes and the City’s Land Development Code, Section 45.1-45.12, and the RIA Coral Reef, Inc., will be considered for the improvement of the City’s wastewater system. 

The City Manager and Committee came to a mutual " WIN-WIN"  agreement. In a nutshell:
They Approved this new Development called SUGAR SANDS RESORT March 2017 on the Site opposite our Remax Preferred Office At 5801 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach Fl 33706 which the Trade Winds has owned since 2004. Building plans are under way simultaneously as the City Plans to redo the ST PETE BEACH Sewers with a loan from the HOTEL! I think that is a sweet deal for all.

Sugar-Sands-Resort-St-Pete Beach "Pre Approval" or a Pre March 2017 picture.

City Beach Stewardship Committee VIDEO of city meeting in our awesome St Pete Beach Community.