Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mike Twitty and the new Pinellas County Property Appraiser

Mike Twitty the 2017-18 new Pinellas Property Appraiser

This has always been a great tool for me as a Realtor.
I can proudly recommend clients call or just go to this website
it is a wealth of local information.
If you are moving from a homesteaded home to another homestead condo or Visa Versa?
This is site New Pinellas County Tax Estimator  is perfect for you.
Click for New Pinellas County Tax Estimator 
It will direct you to accept their terms, each time.

Link to Pinellas County NEW Property appraiser Site

What is the Difference between HO 6 and HO 3 insurance

Homeowners policy unit owners form 6 (HO 6)
Part of the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), homeowners forms portfolio, the HO 6 form covers the real property interest and the personal property of insureds who own a unit in a condominium or share an ownership interest in a cooperative building.  It also provides personal liability coverage and medical payments coverage. 
This form is similar to the HO 3 in many ways but provides less real propertycoverage since it is designed to coordinate coverage with a master policy covering the structure and common areas that the condominium or cooperative association purchases.
Google for more: Links for IRMI Online Subscribers Only: PRMI 12.F

Economic Out look for 2018: Erosion of Housing affordability Video

2018 Prediction: Erosion of Housing Affordability
Describes my experience in the last 6 months

Interest Rates forecast it will rise as much as a percent.
Home price rising 6% but lower price rising is 15% up,
This is a killer for those Millennials looking to buy their first home.

The last few years in South Pinellas County behind the Beaches and Downtown St Petersburg have been a great time to buy low CASH in UP and COMING areas and make a killing.
Retirees, single ladies, Millennial's are looking to buy, they also want to buy "updated".

Cash investors have been naturally taking advantage of these up and coming areas and renourishing
communities by buying low, rehabbing then flipping homes that should not normally appraise but with enough cash down to make it not matter. Lack of inventory and Demand rule right?

I have seen this in the summer and fall normally off season and a good time for any buyers, especially young people looking to get their foot into the American Dream. The affordable reasonably updated, small home, housing market in Pinellas Florida is booming, causing multiple offers to come in on the best home in the worst, but ok neighborhoods.

This demand pushes the once affordable home locations to shrink and so do the opportunities for first home buyers with their hope of 3% down FHA loans finding themselves just
out of a the market.

Listen to Core Logic Dec 2017, eloquently sum up this trend Erosion of Housing affordability 

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