Thursday, June 8, 2017

Need to Buy One House to Buy Another? A bridge loan could help?

                                NEED TO BUY ONE HOUSE TO BUY ANOTHER?

                                                    A Bridge loan could help.

If it is a Sellers Market in the community you want to buy in then this article in the Tampa Bay Times  may be of interest to you Check it out click here

As a Realtor, a Real Estate agent who is affiliated with a professional organization and it's Code of Ethics, I am starting to see and experience this trend where sellers will not touch an offer that is contingent on the sale of a home no matter how "good" it looks that means even if you have an offer in place. Sellers prefer you wait until all contingencies on the buyer's property are met.  

50% of sales in Pinellas County are Cash deals.

I hope this article helps prompt you to talk to a lender while Interest Rates on Home loans are still the lowest they have been in recorded history of borrowing money for a home.

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