Monday, April 30, 2018

St. Pete Beach Living the Sunset capital of Florida

So many ways to enjoy St Pete Beach Living, especially at Sunset!
Just for fun ..

Just a few minutes from home are several St Pete Beach beach Access options. 

Tonight it’s Elcentro to north Don Cesar Place 

Grey glow as I park my pony in the pink glow
I  love to celebrate  St Pete Beach Living at Sunset

and the Red ball falls and the sky is grey 


Grey as the reflection is nay but the red ball falls

And the red ball falls ..we respond 

As the red ball falls 
We huddle as the red ball falls 

Stillness clings

reflection reigns

as the red ball falls April passes 

the gulf breeze blows as I run my bike up the BonAire dune to 44th true.
Onward Home. 
St. Pete Beach Living
 Grow, neighbors grow, happy,  smiles, front porch stories. 
Sunset wave, hi, hug, bye, moon rise comes, gulf breeze blow. 
race 44th bike, pink moon rise, breeze blow
neighbors by walk, puppies, run, the moon turns gold excited as neighbors walk,  glow pink moon rises orange oh island glow.good night April 
Love my island home 
St Pete Beach living