Thursday, June 8, 2017

Need to Buy One House to Buy Another? A bridge loan could help?

                                NEED TO BUY ONE HOUSE TO BUY ANOTHER?

                                                    A Bridge loan could help.

If it is a Sellers Market in the community you want to buy in then this article in the Tampa Bay Times  may be of interest to you Check it out click here

As a Realtor, a Real Estate agent who is affiliated with a professional organization and it's Code of Ethics, I am starting to see and experience this trend where sellers will not touch an offer that is contingent on the sale of a home no matter how "good" it looks that means even if you have an offer in place. Sellers prefer you wait until all contingencies on the buyer's property are met.  

50% of sales in Pinellas County are Cash deals.

I hope this article helps prompt you to talk to a lender while Interest Rates on Home loans are still the lowest they have been in recorded history of borrowing money for a home.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sellers Market in 33711 and 33712

Here is experts from the Article in the Tampa Bay Times June 3rd
 33711 and 33712 are  HOT MARKETs In St Petersburg Florida 
3/2 Garden Villa for under 150k in a Gated community near everything!
Gated, Secured, Pet-Friendly, People friendly with lovely grounds and amenities.
MORE on the News Article Below.

"Arguably, no part of the bay area has drawn more real estate attention in the past few years than St. Petersburg with its suddenly exciting downtown. That helped two ZIPs south of Central Avenue — 33711 and 33712 — record among the highest rates of price growth in Tampa Bay.
Covering Lakewood Estates and Pinellas Point, 33712 "was historically lower value but that's where people are shopping now because the rest of the ZIPS have increased in value so much," says agent Peter Chicouris. In the first three months of this year, the median sale price of a house in 33712 shot up 79 percent, to $172,000
As for 33711, which includes the waterfront community of Maximo Moorings and part of Gulfport, "there's that proximity to the interstate and the beaches and they have renovated a lot of those strip shopping centers," Chicouris says. "It makes it more desirable to live in those areas."
During the first quarter, the median sale price in 33711 soared 94 percent to $147,500.
Like all of the agents interviewed for this story, Chicouris sees no sign that Tampa Bay's real estate market is slowing down. Demand continues to outpace the supply of available homes. Newcomers continue to pour into the area, while many current residents are looking to upgrade, downsize, change scenery or move somewhere more convenient for what they want or need.
"It's definitely a seller's market," Chicouris says. "There's just not that many homes to ...o
              Check out Gated, Secured, Pet-friendly, Lovely www. ARBOR GROVE,info is in 33712

Here is a Video Drive around Pinellas Point one of St Petersburg's Largest 
Largest Neighborhood Homeowners Associations Pinellas Point is in 33712 and 33711

"South Tampa is indeed expensive: Two of the five ZIPS with the highest median sale price in the first quarter were in Tampa south of Kennedy Boulevard. Rounding out the top five were the Tierra Verde, Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach.  Tampa Bay Times.

St PETE Beach one of the hottest selling neighborhoods in Tampa Bay Area

        Do you live in one of the hottest selling neighborhoods in Tampa Bay area

According to this article, today in the Tampa Bay Times I do, check it out to see if you do to
St Pete Beach Just got some good Press today in the Tampa Bay Times see the Article below.
Here are 3 luxury St Pete Beach Waterfront homes for sale on  St. Pete Beach's Boca Ciega Isle Dr,  St Pete Beach FL 33706


A Natural Island over a small Florida Bridge where the Manatees often are seen resting.
             Check out the Good Press June 3, 2017, Tampa Bay Times Article Today 

                             990 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706

                                                         990 Boca Ciega Isle Virtual Tour

                           1326 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706


                                                     1326 Boca Ciega Isle Virtual Tour

                                   510 BOCA CIEGA ISLE DR, St Pete Beach FL 33706