Thursday, July 6, 2017

St Pete Beach which Hotels recently Sold ?

  St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sales 

St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sale. 


                                               The Sirata Beach Resort 

                                                         January 27th, 2017 Recorded 
                                                                 SOLD at $1,08,190,000

 I am so excited for St Pete Beach these along with these 2 sales helping to increase our Tax base. city Along with March 2017 first approved hotel development since the boom flurry of developments,  the City of St Pete Beach adopted a Master Plan that despite its well thought out plan various citizens and their attorneys thwarted progress and its development was Stalled. Now as Florida grows we can grow and carry these Sales and Recent expansion approval will and has already brought confidence to our beautiful Island City of St Pete Beach. Not just a Vacation Destination but a also a Residential community.

 St Pete Beach Hotels Recent Sale 


                                               THE DON CESAR BEACH RESORT

                                               Loews Recently SOLD the Don Cesar 
                                             Recorded February 2017 for $151,830,600
                                                          in "Superior Condition"
Good things are happening on St Pete Beach today 
The Beautiful Historic Don Cesar Beach Hotel was built in 1920,

 It has been for me the heart of St Pete Beach since moving here in 1997. 

           My attempt to paint a memorable moment at DonCesar Beach Hotel. This evening I was walking down to the water on the beach, the sky was a grey and I thought there was too many grey flat clouds on the horizon and that it most certainly would not be much of a sun set, then I turned around and the contrast nearly made me trip backwards!  There was a man siting by the water on his beach chair hoping for the sun to come out through the grey water and sky over the Gulf, well, he saw my shock as I looked around and jumped up off his chair too as the voluminous clouds poured upward into the sky with tremendous shocking colors light up the sky to the East all around the Pink Beach Hotel . 
My First Samsung Phone took this Picture long before Apple phone and i- tunes.
Now we all have cameras every angle is magnificent. 
 Diana Sames




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