Friday, April 21, 2017

Belle Vista Community Pass-A-Grlle Road reconstruction meeting April 2017

Belle Vista Community meeting April 15th  our first meeting this Season.
Alan, our mayor introduced Wayne Saunders as locals are all anxious to know how things were going with the road work in our historical Pass-A-Grille road re-construction project.

                           Wayne Saunders - City Manager   and  Alan Johnson  Mayor   

We all gather in this lovely BELLE VISTA Park  covered pavilion 
Bringing a plate to share and enjoy the end of the day discussions with our 
Ward Friszolowski Vice Mayor, District 3  And Volunteers

Wayne Saunders - City Manager  is in the Shadows here and in the first pictures
They answered our questions and I went away excited and proud to be a part of our St Pete Beach City.  
My biggest takeaway was that the project was only running 2% above budget ( BIG BUDGET!!!)  Also that the 2 recent also how 2 recent HOTEL sales will bring lots of $ to our Tax Base but will give other developers confidence. The Sugar Sands Project particularly was negotiated as a win-win for the city sewers and infrastructures as well as the developers.

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