Friday, December 20, 2013

BOOMING STOCKS UPBEAT HOUSING MARKET 2014 --- Paul G Sames prediction -( have to check back next year ;)

Paul G. Sames, Musician, Artist, Inspirational speaker basically he is an Iconoclast and my 'Fair Dinkum' Australian husband of of 36yrs, whose prophetic instincts i have found extremely reliable, semi reluctently put pen to paper for me yesterday. I listen to him over breakfast every morning in Pass-A-Grille and hope teh reader will enjoy like me his thoughts/ his Article as we wrap up 2013. For us Realtors the Market is at this time our usual "Still before the storm" as   Northerner's head for our Sunshine state and our beaches  See local StPete Beach Treasure Island homes for sale with an easy click

Kennedy Clinton Bussey or Sames?
Paul Sames  wrote “In the last week I have read interesting articles in the Wall Street Journal regarding some cause for optimism in the economy. One article this week was full of glowing enthusiasm regarding the strong stock market performance this year. The S&P 500 has delivered an amazing approx 24% percent return this year; the same is true of many broad spectrum stock heavy mutual funds and ETFs.

                “One commentator heard on NPR was saying if one had the savvy to invest in top performing individual stocks it would have been a windfall year. Even Donald Trump was heard to say on CNN that he has historically stayed clear of stocks but this year he has invested heavily and was rejoicing in the “Free Money” to be harvested. “

“Also the WSJ reported in the same edition that housing was recovering nicely and nationwide the broad spectrum home sales price had risen about 10.7% during 2013. It said many individual cities had boomed far more but there were still about 18 cities lagging behind the national average. The good news was (according to article) that  even the lagging cities have much to look forward to, as the foreclosure crisis is coming out of the woods and even the worst hit markets should be back to normal by mid 2015.”

Paul said “All this bodes well for the real estate market going forward. Even though there was caution not to expect a mega boom in 2014, it will continue to make gains.”
Deb Stein, a Customer, just sent this photos below to Renee and I this week picture. She said "this is how MOTIVATED I am" and why you have to find me a little condo that takes 2 small dogs QUICK!!  PICTUREs like this ALWAYS PUTS GREAT VALUE on WHAT FLORIDA REALESTATE HAS TO OFFER as The new year 2014 season nears.    I would love some feed back on the lates new website.

Note I have added (not totally tweeked ) to my websites that services the consumer, looking for homes for sale on St Pete Beach 

My beloved husband Paul Sames also reminded me as he wrote “I remember back in 2010 that I had the strong impression that President Obama’s presidency would resemble Bill Clintons. Both presidents had a difficult time getting things done in their first term. Both have suffered Government shutdowns and controversies. Bill Clintons second term (particularly the last 2 years) was an historic time of presiding over a time of prospering markets, particularly the dotcom boom etc. By the time he left office his was an amazing story of job growth, personal prospering of the people and housing upswing. Of course some say he was just lucky to be there at that time and it happened in spite of him, but he did leave the economy upbeat and the national books were in the black when he left office.”

“Even though there has been much doomsaying and gloom about Obamacare and socialist policies that will destroy America, there is much to be optimistic about, at least for the next few years. The current President and administration is about to ride a stock, housing, job market improvement wave and in some cases a true boom. I believe it will be an all round economic breakthrough that is against all odds that will stun the naysayers and depression marketeers. Of course booms and busts can occur under either a Republican or Democratic administration”Paul  Sames summed it up “Yes, there are always risks, like a mega disaster of some kind that could disrupt this bountiful projection, but life is full of life threatening risks and it’s only those who go boldly forward, in spite of the risks who prosper.
It is a great time to get into stocks and housing investments and ride the train to the breakthrough station. After all someone’s has to be blessed and it may as well be you.”

       Read More..... about the making of the man.... 
Paul G Sames on in his New book click on  Amazon now 

                                                                                                             "from the Void to the Throne" 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gulfport Florida GOOD NEWS helps stabilize the housing market

Gulfport Florida November Update Brings some GOOD NEWS to he[p stabilize housing market in the face of Oct 1st Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act.

About 3 weeks ago I attended this Public Forum put on by the city of City of Gulfport click for  Website :  Video below.  

Moving now into December we have the Government back to normal  and some consumer confidence with in news of a moratorium for Biggerts-Waters and the Good news of firstly Lloyd's Of London an A Plus Insurance Company offering a predictable alternative to Citizens subsidized FLood insurance for anyone in an Fema A Zone.

THIS IS GOOD NEWS for the Real Estate Community.  I saw my friend and fellow Realtor Rick Perry and we reflected briefly the same sense of numbness and shock impacting our individual business'  since  news of October 1 reform act.