Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Key Word  with Flood INSURANCE is still elevation. Sellers will need to supply an elevation certificate. Click this link for an example of an  ELEVATION  Certificate. The base flood is 11' and the bottom base floor is 6.89. That means the property is 4'11" (-4.11) below base flood level. The price of flood insurance will be based on how much below the base flood level the home is.

Take my listing at 440 64th Avenue, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706. (Click the link below the picture to see this listing). We just order and elevation certificate for the buyers interest and it came in very favorably for insurance purposes at only 2'8" below the base flood level (-2.8). The cost of flood insurance will be considerably less than the example above and the average beach property. Water has barely come over the seawall in the past.

What can Rick Scott do in Retrospect of October 1 2013? Anything? what do you think? Hopeful ?  Politics is a simple Petition for Rick Scott to take to President Obama.
It seems clear that the Government -- FEMA has run out of money. Overspending. Well somethings do not change right? 

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