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Security Deposit Questions. SEASONAL Vs a SHORT term Vs a LONG Term Tenant Tenancy Deposits

Security Deposit Questions.

SEASONAL Verses SHORT term Verses LONG Term, what should be the deposit?

This is a common question when renting out your home or condo.

LONG TERM Lease. Leases are required. Reference FLORIDA Statutes Landlord Tenant Act.
Best Practice I follow recommend is $50 less than the rent held in Trust for the Tenant.
Here is an example
Beachside Rental Online Rental application
Criteria required disclosed that needed for Long-term Renters.

SHORT TERM Tenancy is usually WEEKLY. Leases not usually required.
Most Vacation Weekly rental sites do 10% or $275- $500 a week.
HomeAway.com VRBO.com AirBNB.com
Most of these special insurance policies.

SEASONAL TERM Lease is the 3rd Category.
In Florida, the Winter Season is the main season. Snowbirds come for up to 6 months.
Anything from 1to 6 months is Seasonal.
If Rent is $3,000 -5,000per month then Security Deposits are usually as low as $1000 - $2500.
These Deposit amounts are whatever a landlord decides. 
All deposits are governed by FL Law Landlord Tenant act.

Most Seasonal Rents are paid up front for the full term 60 days before the term begins.
A 13% Sales Tax is added to the Full Season Rent and Cleaning fee.
 A deposit holds it for the next year as an example.
AT BEACHSIDE RENTALS INC. these initial deposits and the full-term rents ( 1 month or 4 months ) are deposited but held in trust until after there arrival.

MORE on Short Term Rentals on Tampa Bay Beaches

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