Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Humidistat how it can help with Florida Living?

 Does a Humidistats help in Florida Living?
I asked my neighbor how it can help with Florida Living? Judi was so enthusiastic about the use of Humidistats in her homes so i asked her to explain how a Humidistat works for her,
 She kindly did so in this Video.
                "Do you want to know how to keep away mold and save on electric bills."
I love the way Judi explains "that it is really the Humidity that causes people to be warm"

I find that even Spell check does not know what a Humidistat is or a Dehumidistat for that matter which is what Tri County calls it below.  I have been helping buyers landlords for years and on my own property with getting quotes for new systems I have never had any mention, offer to add an inexpensive Humidistat to their quote, to help with humidity. Not one person even bothered to explain its purpose or benefits. I found when I later asked of professional AC company owners or their representatives, the most common response was "people just don't know how to use them, so we don't bother,".
 Andy at Tri County Air Conditioning tells us how to use a Dehumidistat  
  Moving from Australia to the USA and firstly NY State was our first experience with Air conditioners and Thermostats. Later we moved from Northern California (an awesome dry climate)  to Florida and found humidity was a shock to my family. It was July my first memory of Florida was unpacking our UHAUL trailer into storage unit in the middle of the day and how we were all dripping wet from the humidity in minutes. Luckily we moved to the beaches so we were all very happy to return to our condo and run into the Gulf of Mexico for a its warm but refreshing water and breezes. St Pete Beach soon became our Florida beach home. It was years before we found out about a Humidistat and how it works even though we saw many of them, we began to think they had become redundant.
We did hear that most popular Air Conditioner type was called a heat pump.

  Here is another Humidistat Tip from a young lady at HomeTech
     Its the Little things in life that we learn that can be so trivial but helpful to pass on Did you know what keeps and makes a Garbage Disposal Happy?
   The answer is Crunching on Ice CUBES!

  Let me know if you find this blog helpful, Ok?
  Do you have some interesting practical home tips that you have found helpful in moving to Florida?

                                                              Thank you
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