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Good Press Prices are Up in St Petersburg and Pinellas

                          Good Press:  Prices are Up in St Petersburg and Pinellas        

                                 16.1 percent increase from February 2015 to February 2016

   Today's Tampa Bay times showed some good press with this gorgeous Snell Isle home being our largest sale. 
Check out the article.   Prices are up 16.1 percent increase from February 2015 to February 2016   Susan Taylor Martin Times Corespondent stated
"Tampa Bay homes prices soared again in February, continuing a robust start to the year driven by the meager supply of homes on the market.
The median price of a single family home jumped to $180,000, a 16.1 percent increase from the same month a year ago. That follows January's year-over-year price jump of nearly 20 percent.
February's biggest gains were in Pinellas County, where prices shot up 21.6 percent to $189,700 on a modest 3.2 percent increase in sales. "

Snell Isle homes  Classic Snell Isle homes]
Grenada Place an historical St Pete Neighborhood Video looking to Snell Isle.

I know we all dream of buying or selling a multi-million dollar home or even living in and around Snell Isle or anywhere in our amazing historical downtown St Petersburg, walking area. Possibly you like this one mapped here 6 Brightwaters circle St Petersburg FL 33704
Check this Brightwaters Snell Isle home: click Its is FOR SALE at $3,550,000 
click to see other homes for sale on Snell Isle on http://Snellisle.info 

 We had obvious general Confidence to begin 2016. There has been plenty of bad press but happily our area started the year with some Good Press:
In January St Pete times stated Home prices soared 20% 
The down town market has hardly suffered over the past decade, it has been quite consistent.

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 However across the many little markets of subdivisions in the Southern part of  South Pinellas County and its Beaches some have more inventory than others. If your favorite is in a subdivision that has many for sale that would be a good indication for you the buyer of opportunity and to buy now the best, If you do not see what you are looking for within your budget, it i unlikely you will find something by waiting for next year.

  Lack of inventory has always been a problem on the barrier islands or beaches of Pinellas County.
My advice is if someone is selling something you like for a price you can afford
buy it you can always create and make it your home.
click the video and come for an end of the day stroll on the sand with me.
Sure nothing is perfect bar a Snell Isle home or a Gulf Front home like the ones seen in the video of Northern part Don Cesar Place
 There is only 4 gulf front homes north of 3700 El Centro on St Pete Beach Fl 33706.
This little Gulf front or Beach front Non-commercial Use strip on the north of Don Cesar Place consists of 4 homes. They have a unique boundary line that goes way out into the beach.  I can show you the Survey as I SOLD one of them at the beginning of 2009 for $5,250,000. There has not been one build quite like that one FOR SALE since then. He was a happy buyer. Now the seller was reluctant as he wanted over $7,900,000 in 2007 then he Listed it at $6,900,000 in 2009 when i sold it.  So Value is in the eye of the Seller initially and the Buyer makes the final opinion on value.  Click here for a Instant Market Snapshot around your home  see the trends - I can help you see what your home is worth ?

Again my advice for people buying a home on the beaches is the same now as i have given in the boom and the bust and this market!. "Buy now, if you see something that fits your lifestyle grab it. Call your realtor and make and make your offer today. We never have a lot of inventory on our narrow barrier islands. If a seller is willing to sell and you are ready to buy, then you can buy now and i can help you rent it,  as it is a landlord's market. In the bust it was a tenant's market.

Now is the time to buy as this Tampa bay Times article shows prices are not going down. 

                          Click on this link  Here is a Market snap shot report on one of my current listings.
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