Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Casa Prima waterfront small Pet Frienly Condo

1859 SHORE DR S UNIT 303
SOUTH PASADENA FL 33707-4734  

Call Diana Sames to see if there is any thing for Sale Realtor 727-776-0122

Residents just welcomed new tenant, to  303, Kim -MARIE will be there until further notice.

 Big Bedroom with 2 tall window.
Enormous walk in closet which pockets to the bathroom.

Subllime Waterfront living in South Pasadena

 Pool and amenities Below

Casa Prima Waterfront Condo with only 30 units. Elevator leads to 3 floors. Laundry on 2nd floor 
Small Gym room on 3rd floor.  
small Pet friendly.
Come visit some of its residents 

The Community of Casa Prima

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  1. I am in love with this Casa Prima waterfront Condo. It is just amazing. It has each and everything that I want in my home. I have heard that Dove mountain Luxury Real Estate is also offering such lavish villas on exclusive prices. Is that true? If yes, please share some reviews about their homes.