Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diana Sames Realtor New Trends end of 2012: Sadly, when a prospective tenant calls me for help or comes to the office I mostly have to say “sorry there is ‘nothing’ to Rent, so if you see an opportunity “grab it” quickly”. Sadly when a Buyers calls me for help or when they walk into my Office at REMAX PREFFERED on St Pete Beach, they are unlikely to find the price point or position they want any more? However, the last 2 years I have always had inventory for buyers that I would call “deals” and countless times I have said, “it is unlikely something like this will be available for another 5 or 6 years” because the "property in this location" or a "condo in this position" have not been on the market at all in the last 5 to 6 years! With all the Press and Buzz about Florida housing bust, most buyers simply went home thinking there would be more inventory and a better price opportunity "when they come down next year". Fact : Busy Realtors know their Market. Fact : Not many HOMES Exist on the Water or on our Gulf Sands period. Not many get to be homeowners on our beautiful barrier Islands. Especially those that are really walking distance to the Beach. FYI -locals of St Pete Beach to Clearwater Barrier Islands is commonly referred to as "THE beach". Fact : There is LIMITED INVENTORY at ANY time. Fact : Demand for Rentals is up Inventory is low. Do you have a Property to Rent and /or Sell Call a Professional Today? Get a market snap shot of 33706 today at Fact : The Market is in the process of Change Now! BUYER's do not stall. Soon the interest rates will go up and the cash buyer's will once again bring the appraised values up and the last few years of 'Glut' will be just a distant memories and we will all talk of “opportunities missed” right? Life is Short right. Summary: I am so happy to own a home on St Pete Beach The market goes up and down but what do I care. It does not matter in the long term what your neighbor paid whether you bought in the boom or the bust but rather that you can own your slice of the Florida beach dream. The Kids will still get an inheritance. Will you ENJOY your dream of "Island time" or "Beach living" DREAM now? I hope so? Don't MISS OUT be ready to compromise for a smaller, older house for your Plot of sand. You can always enlarge it and make it better than NEW right? Sure the storms will come and Sands will move around from one beach to another but in the end the Winter COLD inhibits half the world every year and make the Florida Dream live on even past Hurricane season and past Shark week. Life is short, invest in Florida Today Call Diana Sames the only Australian at REMAX Preferred on 727 776 0122! Now i have Renee, Christine Russell working for me,, to help you, Find a Florida Beach Home

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